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"I've had a lot of therapy done on my back but none as effective as Veronica’s trigger point massage. Since I started with Veronica my lower back pain has subsided tremendously and I've finally been able to have full-range motion. The trigger point therapy has worked so well that I've also been able to receive rhythmical massage, which puts me in a very tranquil trance and I leave the table feeling fresh and new. I've tried many different things for my lower back pain which has plagued me for over 20 years and this is the most effective therapy I've ever received. Veronica always knows the areas where the trigger point therapy is needed and effectively helps the muscle relax. She's the only massage therapist that I will go to now." -- Freddie

"I first started going to Veronica when an old trapezius injury flared up in a bad way. In short, I have not seen any other massage therapist since. She is a magical unicorn. Her methods are tailored to your specific needs, and she will use a range of modalities to address your particular ailment(s). You know how some people are meant to do certain things? Veronica is meant to be a massage therapist. She is very intuitive and does her job exceptionally well. Book an appointment with her. You won't regret it." -- Susan

"I started seeing Veronica since I had my car accident. She is caring and listening to my concerns. And more importantly, she is very skilled at finding spots that are bothering me. With her magic hands, I feel like I can breathe again!" -- Weihong

"I saw Veronica when I was 36 weeks pregnant at the recommendation of my chiropractor. The first visit went so well that now I wish I had started seeing her earlier in my pregnancy. Pregnancy is different for every woman, and she really listened to what I wanted and what areas I needed her to focus on at that time. Sometimes it was extra attention to my feet and legs because of swelling, and other times it was an area in my lower back because of something I did while exercising. She always made sure to really help release those areas and get them feeling better, so every time I left an appointment with her I felt relaxed, and thankfully not too sore the next day. I plan to continue seeing her postpartum as I can see the benefit of having massage therapy after birthing a baby. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Veronica for any massage therapy, not just pre or postnatal. I'm happy to have found a good massage therapist!" -- Melissa

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